After graduating from MTSU, fishing is still the primary focus for my future. The statistics on the Bass fishing industry are growing faster then golf (24 million) and tennis (17.3 million) combined. The approximate 60 million participators of the sport support a $41 billion dollar industry*.These growing numbers only excite me more about graduating and moving one step closer to becoming a professional angler. While the sport of bass fishing has created over a billion dollar industry it also would qualify as the 27th out of 500 top sales producers, surpassing Coca-Cola, GTE and Dove Chemicals, if it were incorporated as a single business. 

A Bassmaster subscriber survey indicates that the weekend bass angler is male, middle aged, married, 58% are college graduates and earns $60,000 annually. A weekend bass angler owns an average of 14 rods and reels, a bass boat, motor, and trailer, and spends an average of $1,522 a year on his hobby. Bass anglers enjoy their hobby an average of 97 days per year.

There is a place for anyone to promote themselves through this sport as long as there are experienced fishermen who know how to market themselves along with their sponsors. It’s about a win-win deal that serves both parties. This is my goal, my dream – do this for a living, and God willing, I am not stopping until my goal is accomplished. It would be a great honor to share this life long dream with your good name!

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