Elite Video

Brian Carper’s Elite Video

What is an Elite Video?

“I film hours of fishing different areas and then condensed them to 30 minute videos. Throughout the footage there are captions/labels that identify landmarks, depth, patterns, and underwater structure. Lastly, the entire video is narrated by me explaining the techniques, lures and patterns being used during each session. Twelve hours of prime fishing and teaching footage refined down to what is important, showing you how to catch fish! That’s equivalent to 3 instructional guided fishing trips.”

~ Brian

“I am enjoying (and learning) watching your videos. Highly recommend them to everyone.”

Dear Brian, I am enjoying the elite videos. “Rocky”

Are you serious about catching more fish and becoming a better angler?

• INVEST! If you are going to spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on a boat, rods, reels, tackle and high tech electronics…..why wouldn’t you invest in what your ultimate goal is, to catch more and bigger fish? These video will sharpen the skills of experienced anglers and tremendously jump start the abilities of new anglers!

• VALUE YOUR TIME! When you can only get out a couple times a month, it’s hard to build experience and learn the correct techniques a successful
angler needs. Let me teach you the valuable skills that you need so you can become the angler that you want to be!

• RESOURCE! There is NO better resource that can teach you how to become a better angler and help you catch more fish!

“I am enjoying (and learning) watching your videos. Highly recommend them to everyone.”

Dear Brian, I am enjoying the elite videos. “Rocky”

I will start by congratulating Brian on the product that has come with hard work.

I watched the first video and things started to click. We read all about these points and spots week to week on the forum, but that only gets you so far. As fishermen, we learn best by watching someone and doing what they do, then developing your own style off of what you learned. That is pretty much what the video is for. It kind of makes you feel like you are in the boat with Brian. Worst part is it will really make you want to get back on the water ASAP.

Another thing I picked up and Brian is really good at, is seeing where he is sitting when casting onto some of these points. This is deeper waters stuff, and it’s very easy to get turned around out there on a point, or sit on the wrong point for too long, then realize you were 20 yards from where you should’ve been. It’s very helpful to hear what land marks you can line yourself up with and direction to cast. It will help if you familiarize yourself with the lake so you can tell where he is on the video. I have been out a lot and run the patterns that people have posted, like literally copied what someone did the day before and then not had any luck. And I will guarantee it’s because I was not in the fish zone. But now seeing where to be, I am excited, and hope everyone else jumps on board.

I’m not that good of a bass fisherman, honestly, I mean I have good tackle, gear, electronics, boat, and a fine taste for good beer…. and these videos are worth the price of a case of beer per month.”