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(Now offering free crappie brushpile coordinates with purchase) Weather you are a avid fishermen or just getting started, Brian Carper's Premium Reports will help you catch more fish and learn faster! Premium Reports is a private forum where I and forum members post detailed fishing reports. These reports include detailed locations, lures, patterns and any other information to help you catch more fish! In addition to your Premium Report membership, your will also receive two packs of my favorite Crappie Magnets, $25 OFF a future fishing trip and free crappie brushpile coordinates! SIGN UP!

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Elite Videos
are videos filmed just weeks prior to their release from my bassboat with a GoPro Hero 4. I film hours of fishing different areas and then condensed them to 30 minute videos that are posted every 2 weeks. Throughout the footage there are captions/labels that identify landmarks, depth, patterns, and underwater structure. Lastly, the entire video is narrated by me explaining the techniques, lures and patterns being used during each session. SIGN UP!

I will start by congratulating Brian on the product that has come with hard work.

I watched the first video and things started to click. We read all about these points and spots week to week on the forum, but that only gets you so far. As fishermen, we learn best by watching someone and doing what they do, then developing your own style off of what you learned. That is pretty much what the video is for. It kind of makes you feel like you are in the boat with Brian. Worst part is it will really make you want to get back on the water ASAP.

Another thing I picked up and Brian is really good at, is seeing where he is sitting when casting onto some of these points. This is deeper waters stuff, and itís very easy to get turned around out there on a point, or sit on the wrong point for too long, then realize you were 20 yards from where you shouldíve been. Itís very helpful to hear what land marks you can line yourself up with and direction to cast. It will help if you familiarize yourself with the lake so you can tell where he is on the video. I have been out a lot and run the patterns that people have posted, like literally copied what someone did the day before and then not had any luck. And I will guarantee itís because I was not in the fish zone. But now seeing where to be, I am excited, and hope everyone else jumps on board.

Iím not that good of a bass fisherman, honestly, I mean I have good tackle, gear, electronics, boat, and a fine taste for good beer.... and these videos are worth the price of a case of beer per month."

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Now is the time to get out and hang into some of Tennessee's strongest fish!


ABA Bassmaster

Mar 28th, 2018 - Percy Priest
Currently, bass are being caught in 1ft-5ft of water on crankbaits, soft plastics, and topwater lures! We had several trips last week with 4lb-5lb largemouths!!! Also, I was fortunate to have great day in one of the big annual tournaments and take the win with 20.07lbs! The crappie have been on and off for the last week. The rise and fall temperatures are preventing the crappie from moving up and staying shallow. Most of our crappie have been caught out of 5ft-18ft of water on minnows and Crappie Magnets! The last couple of days the hybrids, whites, and stripers have been active! Come out on our new center console and fight these strong fish! Lastly, if you would like to receive my 100% detailed fishing reports on where BCGS catches their fish, what they're catching them on and patterns that are effective, sign up for my Premium Reports here! We have almost 200 members that form an active private forum where I post my reports and more!

Mar 21st, 2018 - Percy Priest
The bass have moved in the 2ft-6ft range and are being caught on soft plastics, crankbaits, rattle traps, and topwater lures! The upper end of the lake seems to be the most productive with the warmer water temperatures (58 degrees). The crappie have pulled up into the 3ft-6ft range and are being caught trolling flats with Crappie Magnets and fishing minnows on floats around stumps. Hybrids are on the run as well! Book your trip and come fight Tennessee's strongest fish! The 7 day forecast looks great with temperatures in the 60's-70's! Hold onto your rods......spring fishing is here, book your trip today! To read exactly where and how were are catching all these big bass and crappie sign up for my Premium Reports at www.briancarper.com/premium.html

Jan 17th, 2018 - Percy Priest
With all the on-and-off freezing temperatures, the bass, crappie and hybrid have been inconsistent, but have been biting in deeper water near the main channel. The Alabama rigs, shaky heads, and jigs have been the most productive.

Jan 20th, 2018 - Percy Priest
We are now past the halfway mark of winter and only 40 days away from March 1st, the beginning of the 2018 spring season! Currently the crappie, bass, and hybrid are biting! The crappie are being caught on Crappie Magnets in 6ft-15ft of water, the hybrid are in the main channel, and the bass are biting on topwater lures, Alabama Rigs, and shaky heads throughout the lake. As we moving into February these patterns will continue to produce! BCGS Premium Reports is the best fishing resource around! Receive my 100% detailed fishing reports on where BCGS catch their fish, what they're catching them on, and patterns that are effective, sign up for my Premium Reports here! We have 382 members that form a private forum where I post my reports and members share information! Come join the club!



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